Call EMS waste services for Skip Hire across the whole of devon

Call EMS waste services for Skip Hire across the whole of devon

With over 30 years of experience and one of the largest Skip and waste management companies in Devon its no surprise we have a bank of satisfied customers.

EMS are the first choice for all your domestic or commercial waste removal requirements and we benefit from an unrivaled level of service.

Our skip hire services cover the whole of Devon, part of Cornwall and Somerset and are part of a definitive waste disposal package that extends across all locations.

We have a great reputation based on our extensive experience and can assist with all aspects of waste management and recycling. We can even help with organising permits from your local authority, and offer expert advice on getting the most from the capacities of our skips. We are licensed waste carriers with an outstanding reputation built on trust, reliability and strong business ethics.

Our family run business prides itself on the level of service we offer and the measures we take for ongoing improvements. Our name is synonymous with professional skip hire but we never let the size of our company or our reputation change the way we approach waste management.

We strongly believe that it’s important to build great relationships with customers and clients, whilst maintaining competitive prices on our skips. All of these things combined is what has our customers returning to use us for skip hire on a repeat basis.

Domestic Skip Hire

Our Domestic skip hire service offers our customers a fast and convenient waste disposal solution. Even if you’ve never hired a skip before its easy and you can use our services for home and garden clearances safe in the knowledge that we’ll always deliver the best advice on capacities, collections and disposals.

We understand that it can be daunting and choosing the right size of skip isn’t always easy, which is why we have a handy size guide on our website so you can compare the sizes and make an easier choice for your convenience.

If you don’t have the space for one of our skips at your home then there’s no need to panic. EMS can advise how to get a permit which then allows our domestic customers position their skip on the roadside for a limited amount of time.

NB. There are certain things you can’t put in your skip.


* Any mattresses placed in a skip or bought into the yard will be charged £20 + VAT each

* Certain types of waste CANNOT be placed in general waste skips under any circumstances.

Including the following:

Any electrical items
Asbestos (We do offer a specific service for this)
Pressurised Containers
Paint/varnish Tins
Gas Cylinders
Fluorescent Tubes
Liquids of any description.

There are many types of hazardous waste.

The best advice we can offer is that if you’re unsure about anything please give us a call and one of our team can help.

Commercial Skip Hire

When it comes to Commercial skip hire in the Westcountry, EMS offer an unrivaled service. We make site clearance problems easy to manage with a bespoke plan that meets all of your business requirements. We can deliver as many skips as you need to site. When you want them, where you want them and in the capacity required to do the job.

Even if you need multiple deliveries on a daily basis. We have more than a sufficient number of units available to cope with the demand. We can also make multiple daily collections if required.

From a large-scale multiple property development and factory clearances to small-scale waste product from local traders, we collect and dispose of your unwanted waste materials in the most environmentally responsible way possible. We pride ourselves on recycling over 95% of all waste collected at our in house recycling plant in Exeter.

if you would like more information about any of our services please feel free to give one of our team a call.

We’re always on hand to offer help and advice.

What you need to consider when recycling Wood

What you need to consider when recycling Wood

There’s a lot people don’t realise when it comes to disposing of your unwanted commercial waste items. The quickest way by far is to hire a skip, chuck it all in and let us come and take it away.

But you may have been told that there’s certain things you can’t put in your skip. Wood isn’t one of them but its one of the more complex items to recycle and its not quite as basic as you’d think!.

We thought you might want to know a bit more about the process?


Well wood is mainly recycled by being reused. It’s such a widely used and versatile material which can be cut to size, sanded, re-painted etc in order to have its appearance drastically changed to suit a wide range of different functions.

From a construction point wood can also be recycled and turned into man-made medium-density fibreboard – MDF as it is commonly known as. This is made by basically compressing and processing different wood residuals.


‘Scrap wood’ that’s come from home improvements for example, along with other untreated wood has a number of uses for recycling. It can be chipped and used in compost or mulch or be turned into particleboard or chipboard lumber.

Wood that has been treated, painted, varnished or otherwise finished is not good for recycling. It should also not be burned in a fireplace due to the toxic chemicals found in the wood treatment solutions. You should dispose of this type of wood at your local landfill or recycling centre. We accept this type of wood in a skip or you can bring the waste to the recycling facility in Exeter.

Most construction projects produce some level of wood waste. No matter how big or small the project it is EMS can advise you on the best way to properly dispose of, or recycle wood. If not disposed of properly it can be a harmful action for both your business and the environment.



Large piles of wood waste close to any property or facility is a huge fire hazard. Idle piles of wood pose tempting to vandals and are a flammable danger that can not only affect your business workplace but also other workplaces or residential areas surrounding.

We’d advise either hiring a skip to keep everything together and away from the buildings and to contact a professional recycling facility like EMS.

We offer the perfect solution to any of the waste disposal needs of your business across the whole of the Southwest and this includes wood. We run an efficient service with trade accounts available and we pride ourselves on the levels of waste we recycle and the positive impact this has on the environment.


As we all know replanting trees takes decades before they reach maturity again. The more we can recycle the less we need to impact on the environment. When you choose to recycle wood waste, you extend the product’s life and reduce the need to cut down more trees

Our team of recycling experts in Exeter, Plymouth and Paignton offer advice on wood disposal. We have a special service for trade customers at our Waste Transfer Station based in Exeter. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about recycling any of your business or domestic waste.




Learning how to pack your skip to make the most of the space is important. Whether its a good clear out at home or the office read our top tips for the best way to pack your skip efficiently. By following our useful tips you can make the best use of the space you have, minimize the number of collections you need, and best of all spend less money on disposing of your waste.


One of the first things to think about is what you actually can or can’t include in your skip. There are some items which are completely unacceptable such as paint and asbestos etc. So bear that in mind before you start or you may find yourself having to unload and remove items from your skip which is a waste of time for everyone.


So lets start with the heaviest items first. Lay heavy flat items first to form a nice solid base for the rest of your rubbish. Then you can start to load the rest with the biggest, heavy and awkward shaped items. You can then use all the other remaining space around the skip (including the corners) with the smaller items.


For smaller items try to squash them as much as possible. Things such as cardboard boxes can be broken down and wedged in any gaps you have ensuring you sue up all the space available in your skip. Make sure you push the smaller items down as far as you can to stop too much movement or to stop things from blowing out.


As well as Skip Hire we also offer a full waste management service, waste recycling, commercial waste removal, green waste, asbestos collection and have a Scrap metal service. You can also book your skip online if that’s more convenient for you?

We are proud to offer our commercial waste disposal and recycling services to both domestic customers and businesses in the local area. We pride ourselves on our high levels of service and are committed to offering the most environmentally-friendly solutions possible. We currently recycle over 95% of all waste!

If you need any of our services or would even like some more information then please get in contact. Our friendly, helpful team are always on hand to answer your questions.

EMS Waste Services is a family run business with family values running through the Company from Director to Operator, focusing heavily on service, image and customer commitment.

We’re now buying Ferrous Metals at our EMS Waste Exeter depot.

We’re now buying Ferrous Metals at our EMS Waste Exeter depot.

As you probably know we’re not only about Skip Hire and Recycling at EMS. For years we have had a Scrap Metal yard based at Bay Skips in Paignton but now we’re pleased to be accepting Ferrous Metals at Exeter too. Give us a call at the office on 01395 233748 for more information.

Environmentally responsible, scrap metal services in and around Devon.

So in addition to coving a huge area of Devon for Skip Hire and waste removal we are also scrap metal specialists. We offer extremely competitive prices to all of our customers, for all grades of Ferrous scrap metal.

Our sister company Bay skips have a wealth of experience in the waste recycling business spanning over 30 years and it seemed a logical step to start process Scrap Metal from Exeter too. This ensures we provide our customers a service that is second to none.

Whether you want to buy or sell unwanted metals you can be secure in the knowledge that our staff provide honest and safe advice, no matter you needs.

Whether it’s steel or copper, aluminum or lead, we come highly recommended by a host of satisfied customers.

Whether you are a commercial company looking to dispose of a large quantity of scrap metal, or have a smaller domestic amount call EMS for excellent service and prices.

We are interested in purchasing any quantity of metal, from kilos to tones, and can recycle a variety of scrap metals including copper, aluminium, stainless steel, lead, brass, steel and zinc.

Contact our team of recycling experts today!

Our friendly team are always available and we are always happy to discuss our services with our customers.

Our scrap services include:

Site clearances, Shop clearances, House clearances, Factory clearances, Farm machinery and much more!

We can accept any Scrap Metal at our Paignton and any Ferrous Metal at our Exeter depot including:

Ferrous Metals include

* Steel

* Iron

* RSJ’s

* Light Iron

* Cast Iron

Non Ferrous Metals include

* Stainless Steel

* Alloy wheels
* Aluminium
* Copper
* Brass
* Lead
* Zinc

* Lead acid batteries
* Household cable
* Armoured cable

If you have anything else its always best to call the office to clarify and we’ll be on hand to offer help and advice on the best way to dispose of your unwanted metals.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

One Year On: EMS Waste Transfer Site’s First Anniversary

Since the 1940s, the Stuart Group (EMS’s parent group), has delivered important services to domestic and commercial customers.

Last year, we opened a new waste transfer site in Exeter to service the local community and Devon. Twelve productive months have flown by and now our site is celebrating its first anniversary! We are proud to say that together we have achieved a great deal, making a strong, positive impact on the environment.

What we have achieved

Our waste transfer site has helped the community and the environment. Beyond increasing employment rates by taking on more staff in Exeter, our company is currently able to recycle 95% of waste recovered, domestic or industrial. This has an incredible impact on the environment, and we are proud to provide a big contribution to the rise of eco-friendly initiatives nationwide.

Fantastic as that figure may be, we at EMS are striving to increase our statistics to 100% recycled material. Installing a segregation line to separate materials such as plastic, glass, and metal helps us along the way, but there’s more work to be done.

Hiring skips from us results in more than an easy disposal system for your domestic or industrial waste. It ensures that your waste is handled properly and respectfully, which means it is recycled as far as possible to reduce landfill contents and harmful emissions from incorrectly disposing of waste (i.e. burning waste).

Our newest waste transfer site uses advanced procedures (including industrial magnets and size sorting schemes) and high-quality machinery to efficiently and effectively recycle materials given to us. This is topped off with feedback on our exceptional customer service from people in the community. After all, we believe that working together to improve our environment is the best way forward.

Moving forward

Here’s to many more years of servicing the community, properly disposing of waste, and working towards that 100% recycled goal. Thank you for your custom; without you, we could not strive to reach our goal and keep waste from heading to unnecessary landfills.

We look forward to working with you all, and many more customers, again.

New Volvo EW 240E for EMS Waste Services

New Volvo EW 240E for EMS Waste Services

EMS Waste Services Ltd continues valuable machinery investment throughout 2019

At EMS Waste Services Ltd, we’re passionate about efficiency. As such, in order to make our service as efficient as possible for our clients, and to improve the speed with which we can recycle, we’re proud to report considerable investment in our fleet of vehicles and waste management machines throughout 2019.

Back in April we took delivery of a brand new Volvo ECR 145 for our bustling Plymouth depot, and we have just taken delivery of a new Volvo EW240E material handler.

A new addition for our expanding Exeter base

This brand new Volvo EW240E has been delivered to our Exeter depot to replace our slightly smaller 220 material handler. Though this will still be put to valuable use in our Bay Skips depot, helping to handle their ever-increasing workload.

The EW240E, however, is already being put to work – spending the majority of its day loading the pre-sorted recyclable waste, and helping to pre-sort oversized waste before it can be fed through our state of the art Exeter Picking Line.

Investing in our fleet to better serve our customers

EMS Waste Services are constantly investing in our fleet, to ensure we’re able to achieve our goal of being the leading waste management company in the South West. Though this is the second new Volvo machine we’ve received this year, it’s not going to be the last!

A new Volvo L70 loading shovel is due to arrive very soon, to further help us sort, load, and manage all manner of waste from our clients throughout the South West.

The investment in our infrastructure hasn’t stopped there however. This year will see five additional brand new Volvo HGVs added to the EMS Waste Services fleet. This will help us to transport both domestic and commercial waste more fuel-efficiently and reliably.

These investments in machinery are also a reward to our committed employees – allowing them a clean, modern, and as comfortable as possible space in which to work.

Part of the EMS promise

EMS Waste Services is consistently committed to excellence, throughout every corner of our service. At the core of what we offer our clients is the ability to responsibly and efficiently manage their waste. We recycle as much as possible, and believe strongly in investing in state of the art technology to achieve this.

At EMS Waste Services we place heavy emphasis on the quality of the service we offer our clients. Waste management can be a nightmare, whether you have domestic or commercial waste you need to get rid of. At EMS Waste Management you have a family run business you can always rely on to ethically and efficiently dispose of that waste.

At EMS Waste Services we continue to invest heavily in ourselves, in our service, and in our community.