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Each year Stuart Partners Ltd finish over two-thousand units of cattle, providing top quality beef to our clients located throughout the Westcountry.

Roy Stuart is responsible for the buying and managing of our cattle units within the beef finishing sector – and it has undergone some exciting expansion work within the last few years, with two new finishing units being constructed at Wood Farm in Farringdon. The finishing units were designed by Roy himself and were built in house.

They were recently visited and given approval by a world-renowned professor: Dr Temple Grandin.

Dr Temple Grandin is an American professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, consultant to the livestock industry on animal behaviours and a revered autism spokesperson. Grandin was cited in the ‘Heroes’ category of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential People in the World’ article in the 2010 issue of Time 100. She has since transferred her extensive knowledge of behavioural research regarding animals into our industry to improve the standards of animal welfare on our farm, ranch and slaughter plant.

It was a great privilege for Roy to meet one of his most influential heroes, whilst simultaneously gaining some much-deserved approval from one of the leading animal behavioural experts in the world.

With Stuart Partners’ truly outstanding facilities, experience and standards, these elements combine to provide us with the best possible procedure for beef finishing. We are proud of our methods and practices while always striving to provide the best quality beef produce that we can at the highest standard for our clients.

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