One Year On: EMS Waste Transfer Site’s First Anniversary

Since the 1940s, the Stuart Group (EMS’s parent group), has delivered important services to domestic and commercial customers.

Last year, we opened a new waste transfer site in Exeter to service the local community and Devon. Twelve productive months have flown by and now our site is celebrating its first anniversary! We are proud to say that together we have achieved a great deal, making a strong, positive impact on the environment.

What we have achieved

Our waste transfer site has helped the community and the environment. Beyond increasing employment rates by taking on more staff in Exeter, our company is currently able to recycle 95% of waste recovered, domestic or industrial. This has an incredible impact on the environment, and we are proud to provide a big contribution to the rise of eco-friendly initiatives nationwide.

Fantastic as that figure may be, we at EMS are striving to increase our statistics to 100% recycled material. Installing a segregation line to separate materials such as plastic, glass, and metal helps us along the way, but there’s more work to be done.

Hiring skips from us results in more than an easy disposal system for your domestic or industrial waste. It ensures that your waste is handled properly and respectfully, which means it is recycled as far as possible to reduce landfill contents and harmful emissions from incorrectly disposing of waste (i.e. burning waste).

Our newest waste transfer site uses advanced procedures (including industrial magnets and size sorting schemes) and high-quality machinery to efficiently and effectively recycle materials given to us. This is topped off with feedback on our exceptional customer service from people in the community. After all, we believe that working together to improve our environment is the best way forward.

Moving forward

Here’s to many more years of servicing the community, properly disposing of waste, and working towards that 100% recycled goal. Thank you for your custom; without you, we could not strive to reach our goal and keep waste from heading to unnecessary landfills.

We look forward to working with you all, and many more customers, again.