RORO at the West Cornwall Truck Show

Sometimes a day out is just what everyone needs, and this was true for us here at EMS Waste too!

It wasn’t the most beautiful day weather-wise back in the ‘summer’, but we put a good show on at the West Cornwall Truck Show, where one of our drivers, Darrell, took one of our ROROs (Roll On Roll Off, a type of skip container). The truck, and the skip on its back, both shone after some polishing and elbow grease, even despite the lack of sun, and gave the curious public a chance to have a good look at what we can do.

A RORO is a great skip for almost any occasion. It is mobile, quickly transported on the back of a truck, and sturdy. As such, it can be moved into position when you need it, but taken away as soon as you want it gone. There are skips available in every size, from the massive containers required at building sites, to smaller ones that can be parked in front of your home while you rip out your bathroom or kitchen over a weekend. A Roll On Roll Off skip can be your new best friend. And, you can rent it for however long you need it for, whether it is for just a weekend, or for longer-term rents where we will come by to change it once it is full.

Plus, we can make your life extra easy by dropping off a skip where you want it, picking it up again, and then taking it back to our waste transfer station to be processed. We are dedicated to helping the environment by making sure we recycle as much of what comes out of our skips as we can, so that’s another worry wiped away.

We’ve been on the move!

As you know Dusty Bin are now part of EMS Waste. This exciting partnership means that EMS Waste is now even bigger and able to provide waste management services to more people within the Devon and Plymouth areas.

Dusty Bin has now settled into their new site, but we thought we’d share a little bit about the exciting journey with you and what services they can offer.

Moving day

The moving day itself was a busy and eventful one. At least it was easy to find a skip! Moving into the new cabin on the EMS Waste site included a day of carrying out repairs in order to pimp up the office area. In fact, this process took several weeks, but on September 9th the office was finished and ready for business.

During the renovation process, the top of the cabin was removed to fix holes! In fact, it was touch and go at the time to see if they could be fixed, so quotes were also obtained. But, luckily, the cabin roof was easily fixed and made water tight. Walls were painted (narrowly missing a member of staff, who nearly got painted into a corner), the floor repaired and the CCTV disconnected, then reconnected. The entire cabin was also cleaned from top to bottom. Everything was done and ticked off the to-do list, apart from the hot tub request that was sadly declined! Needless to say, the Dusty Bin office staff are now settled in and are getting to know their yard colleagues.

Still the same great service

Dusty Bin is still offering the same great services it has always delivered to the residents and businesses of Plymouth and Devon. The only difference is that the team is now based in a new yard and are part of EMS Waste. We offer skip hire and waste management services which include recycling and waste collection. To learn more, simply get in touch with us today.