Remember this time last year when we were hit by the snow? Well the Beast from the East was no match with this SW firm!

Starting the year with a big clear out of your home, site or business premises brings a flurry of activity to shift rubbish, which could be “snow fun” in January and February!

Weather forecasters are warning a new version of the Beast from the East is set to bring harsh weather to the UK.

The good news is that this doesn’t need to stop your project. You can still start your “spring clean” early or generally shift unwanted items or general waste. Come hail or high winds, skip hire in Devon and the surrounding area can still be a “snow brainer” with EMS.

Yellow in the snow can be good!

Have you ever heard the expression that you should avoid “yellow snow”? Well, there’s no need to worry about our distinctive yellow skips when the cold front comes, as they really stand out.

We also offer a “stand out” service to get them into place, and collect them in a timely fashion, whatever the weather.

Is it possible to hire skips in severe weather?

Weather does not stop play when you know how to provide reliable waste management services, even when the “ice is right” outside your door.

We have the equipment and expertise for reliable and cost effective skip hire all year round. So, the Beast of the East in early 2018 was no match for our vehicles and skills!

Whatever the next few weeks bring, there will be nothing to stop us from coming in from the cold and getting your skip needs sorted, including arranging any necessary paperwork and local authority permission for roadside placement. Which all means that you can go ahead and plan your building or waste removal project in the Devon area.

Give us a call to discuss your waste management needs.

With EMS you can be sure of a warm service, and the comfort of fair prices even when we have to “battle the elements” to get to you.