Waste management and recycling

Everyone wants to do their bit to protect the planet, become more sustainable, and manage the waste they produce. That’s equally true for homeowners in the Exeter area and beyond, but also Devon businesses.

That’s where the team at EMS come in. Using our expertise, experience and technology, homeowners and organisations of all sizes can make sure that waste is dealt with wisely and well.

What do we mean by universal waste management in Devon?

It’s not possible or advisable to simply “dump” all waste materials together or treat all unwanted materials the same.

EMS can remove and dispose of a wide range of rubbish and redundant equipment for you. However, we do so in a measured and careful way.

For example, we can offer different sizes of skips, but also specialist waste containers for hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Though we are responsive and flexible on what materials we collect, EMS is also diligent and conscientious in tackling waste once it reaches our Exeter depot. There’s more on our recycling policies and skills later.

How can homeowners get rid of unwanted items and rubbish?

If you’re renovating your property, clearing your garden, sorting a garage or moving house, you can end up with a lot of rubbish. Council recycling facilities are sometimes difficult to access and restrictive on what you can dispose of.

If you rent a skip in Devon from EMS (whatever size fits your needs and budget) you have a quick, easy and stress-free solution!

You can order a skip online and use various secure payment methods to sort your waste collection quickly.

How can businesses better manage waste disposal?

Organisations in Devon could need anything from daily waste disposal services, to one-off help to tackle a consignment of unwanted materials and machinery.

EMS can handle contract work or occasional discrete waste disposal.

To be fully in control of waste management – and compliant with legislation – organisations need to be able to audit and evidence how they approached this topic.

EMS can not only provide reliable and affordable waste services for Devon businesses, we can also help with administration. This saves you time, and our attention to detail can save you from costly errors.

Our crew work cleanly, and our prices are pitched fairly.

Supporting the recycling agenda in Devon

Apart from safety, there is one vital theme that underpins all EMS’s waste services. Wherever possible, we extract materials and items that can be recycled and repurposed.

EMS doesn’t simply concentrate on green waste and scrap metal either. Such is our dedication to recycling – and our investment in screening and technology – EMS is able to recycle around 90% of all the domestic and commercial waste it handles.

This is no easy task, but something the EMS team is passionate about.

It means that Devon businesses and homeowners can be assured that their environmental impact is in safe hands, when it comes comprehensive and ever-expanding waste