Stuarts receive EU grant to help with new machinery

In order to continue providing the same sterling service Stuarts have recently been the beneficiary of an EU grant. This money is going to be put to very good use! We have invested the money into some brand new machinery, to help us deliver a better service.

The new Pichon Tanker will supply slurry and digestate accurately whilst measuring the required nutrients during the application process. Therefore making the whole process more efficient.

This will help make sure the quality of our service remains constant.


What we do

Stuarts offer a range of services to farmers to help make life a little easier. One service we offer is inert landfill processing and sorting – we’re able to process over 80,000 tonnes of inert waste per year. We also provide general waste services through the subsidiary that we operate, EMS Services.

We help with the production of over 3000 tonnes of grain and send over 2500 cattle to slaughter every year. Making sure this is done reliably is the cornerstone of our service, and allows farmers to operate their businesses as efficiently as possible.

Stuarts is also proud to offer a range of arable farming contracting services, which allow us to deliver the benefit of our expertise in the most cost-efficient way possible. We’ve also got access to prime spots of commercial land and property, which we help our clients secure.


Keeping things running

Choosing the right vehicle for your business is essential to making sure everything runs smoothly. For over thirty years Stuarts has been in a very productive relationship with Volvo. This has led us to source a variety of trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and coaches for our clients.

Our partnership with Volvo has been one which we’ve cultivated over time based on the reliability and the quality of the vehicles they provide. We wouldn’t associate with any business which doesn’t match up to our quality control standards.