Here at EMS and Bay Skips we pride ourselves on our customer service and approach and are always happy to help any worthy cause we can get involved with.

Courageous Cory’s story really touched us and we were more than happy to help the family with the donation of a skip. A small act of support for an amazing family and a truly inspirational little boy.

Below is a bit of history about Cory along with a link to their Facebook page and fundraiser to improve their home for Cory’s safety and wellbeing. This brave family need all the support they can get and are immensely grateful for all the help they receive. This is a truly worthwile cause and just a little help can change their quality of life.

Cory’s Story

Cory is 7 years old from Brixham in Devon. He was born with moderate to severe hearing loss and had his first set of hearing aids at 9 weeks old. All was well until at 5 months old he started having Infantile Spasms, a rare type of epilepsy. The usual drugs didnt work and he lost all of his developmental skills within a week of being at the hospital. He even lost the ability to smile, couldnt move and would cry a lot.

The Doctors didnt know why the drugs werent stopping the seizures and his Mum noticed he wasn’t looking at things anymore. He was then diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment and was registered blind before his first birthday. A deafblind baby.

The drugs failed to ease the epilepsy and Cory was left with severe learning difficulties and very limited mobility. He became extremely tactile and defensive and wouldn’t let anything touch his hands. The world was very scary and frightening. and because he didn’t know what was being fed into his mouth he also developed severe food aversion. After many years of his mum and the school trying to encourage him to eat orally, the decision was made for him to have a gastrostomy tube (PEG) fitted.

What does the future hold for Cory?

There is still no formal diagnosis yet. Cory is part of two genetic studies which have yet to find a cause after many years of waiting.

His Mummy says, “he is a very unique little boy and loves life!”

Just4Children is trying to raise monies for urgent and vital adaptions to Cory’s home to improve the quality of his life.


Just4Children is passionate about the relief of sickness & preservation of good physical & mental health of children & young people under 25 years resident in the United Kingdom & Ireland by providing & assisting in the provision of services & grants to enable them to obtain their medical needs.

Please follow the link to their Facebook page and just giving page where you can also help improve the quality of life for this beautiful little boy and his family.

The family need help modifying their home. The proposed extension would greatly improve the quality of life for Cory and the family. As Cory is getting older and heavier, a ground floor bedroom and wet room with hoist will mean that they won’t have to carry him up and down the stairs and lift him in and out of the bath.

A storeroom for all of Cory’s equipment will mean more space for the family and a purpose built sensory room will provide Cory with a safe area to explore and seek out stimulation.