Introducing Redlake Trading Estate, the latest addition to the Stuart Properties portfolio


Since 2012, Stuart Properties, the commercial property division of Stuart Partners, has provided quality commercial space for business all over the south west. Purchased in November 2017, the latest addition to the portfolio is Redlake Trading Estate, which is home to 10 bustling businesses.

The Redlake Trading Estate community has social impact at its heart, with charities and social enterprises occupying much of the space.

Here, we take a look at two of the businesses and how they serve their communities.



The Clay Factory


The Clay Factory has turned an old industrial site into a community hub for businesses, organisations, arts, food and events.

Surrounded by an inspiring landscape, its vibrant community of artists, startups and established businesses have fostered a creative, ambitious atmosphere.

Using its profits to make a social impact, it aids the good work of fellow Redlake Trading Estate tenant, The Eddystone Trust.



The Eddystone Trust


From safer sex resources to peer support and counselling, The Eddystone Trust provides heartfelt assistance to anyone affected by HIV across the South West.

It works hard to challenge the stigma, discrimination and misinformation that often comes with HIV and sexual health.

If someone is affected by HIV, The Eddystone Trust works with them to improve their quality of life. You can learn more about The Eddystone Trust here.


This is just a snapshot of daily life at Redlake Industrial Estate.

Other tenants include Western Tydens, Artisan Stairs and Joinery, Cannon Cases, Timber PAK, a gym, Wrangaton Body Works and Torpedo Training.


From doubling the storage capacity for our first development with Kandy Toys to the transformation of industrial sites across the West Country, Stuarts Properties has always looked for new ways to help businesses with their commercial space.

We enjoy working with all local businesses, especially some of the more diverse ones we have been fortunate enough to get to know more about.


To rent one of the units or simply to discuss your business space, please contact us on 01395 232800.