Recycled paper – what on Earth happens to it?

In this day and age, we should all understand the importance of recycled paper and its role in helping to combat deforestation.

However, once you place your waste paper in the recycling bin, you must be left wondering, “what on Earth happens to it now?”

Well, here’s a rundown of the recycling process:


The process of recycling paper

Once you place your waste paper in the recycling bin, it is collected by a waste management company. It is then taken to a waste recycling factory where it is separated based on the grade of the paper.

To remove anything like ink and glue, the paper is all bundled together and washed with soapy water. It is then placed in a large container where, when mixed with water, it becomes a sort of paste.

Different products are then added to the mix to turn it back into paper or create cardboard.

The slurry that remains after is rolled into long sheets before being left to dry. Afterwards, it is then cut into its necessary shape and repackaged, ready to be sold once again.



What is our role here at EMS Waste Services?

We deal with a lot of waste recycling services, and recycling paper is a core part of our company.

We have partnered with Cycle Link International to procure a lot of cardboard, and we do our best to recycle as much as possible.



Once it is all appropriately separated,
we send the cardboard up to our depot in Exeter.


Here it can be properly processed and baled.








We tend to find that a lot of this recycled cardboard and paper is shipped over to China, where they are in heavy need of sustainable sources of such materials.

Years of heavy demand in China, coupled with a lack of sustainability programmes, has left China with a lack of sustainable wood pulp sources with which to make their own paper.

We understand the importance of recycling and reusing paper and cardboard in struggling countries like China, and we are proud to be a part of the solution.

If you’d like to find out more about the services we have available, then please contact us on 01395 233748.