New skips purchased as demand soars

At EMS we’re always looking to give our valued customers total satisfaction. Whether that’s through our high levels of customer service, our commitment to providing an environmentally responsible service or our reputation for providing our clients with the best possible advice. Our focus on customer relations along with the fact we’re able to offer great prices has seen demand soar over recent months, so much so that we’ve had to purchase several new skips just to keep up with the demand.

Our skips are suitable for domestic and commercial customers and will be able to take care of any waste removal needs you may have. Available throughout the Exeter area and beyond, we’ve seen demand for our skips drastically increase as people look for a waste removal solution they can rely on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a clear out in your home or you’re working on a large-scale renovation project for a construction company, it’s a huge inconvenience if you’re let down by your skip hire company. Not only are you left without anywhere to dispose of your waste, but waiting for a late skip could put you behind schedule and potentially cost you money.

With EMS, however, you don’t have to worry about our skips arriving on time. We’ve built up a reputation for reliability over more than twenty-five years. With over eighty employees dedicated to providing our clients with unbeatable levels of service, no matter how many skips you order from us, we won’t let you down and have countless amounts of satisfied customers in the area who have benefited from choosing EMS for their skip needs over another skip hire company.

We also work hard to ensure our service is as environmentally responsible as possible. If you have concerns over where your waste will end up, EMS will put your mind at ease. Currently, around 95% of all the waste we recover is recycled, and we’re working extremely hard to improve that figure. We believe that our focus on the environment, our customer service and our great prices have seen demand for our skips increase. That’s why we’ve acted now and purchased several new skips. So if you could benefit from a hassle-free way to dispose of your waste in the Exeter area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with EMS to see how we can help.