EMS at Farmwise

The 2019 Farmwise event was a fun, family-friendly event held in Devon. Its main aim was to educate children (and their parents!) a little more about where food comes from and also how key proper waste recycling is to protect the environment. It was also designed to help enthuse the next generation of farmers coming into the sector and help to emphasise the importance of farming to rural economies. EMS Waste Management was only too happy to attend after being invited down by the event organisers. It not only allowed us to share our expertise around waste management with others but also to help make the event more fun for all.

EMS at Farmwise Devon

On 15th October 2019, one of our experienced drivers headed down to the event in our state-of-the-art skip loader. The organisers had asked us to attend in order to give youngsters more insight into the waste society produces and how essential recycling is for the planet. Once there, our vehicle got lots of positive attention from the kids and also generated lots of questions. Amongst other things, we explained how waste is segregated on the EMS site, how certain materials are dealt with and where they go to be recycled. We also explained how waste can be turned into biomass fuel or other energy sources. Perhaps the biggest hit though was when the children were invited to sit in our truck! This was not only lots of fun but also helped them understand more about the work EMS does and how important it is for the environment.

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