Ian completes his Volvo Apprenticeship with Stuarts Truck and Bus Exeter

Ian Williams certainly has a lot to smile about this month! Not only will he enjoy celebrating his 24th birthday, but we’re very proud to announce that he’s also completed his Volvo Apprenticeship with Stuarts Truck and Bus Exeter.

At Stuarts Truck and Bus, we are pleased to be the West Country’s only authorised Volvo Truck and Bus dealer and repairer, providing the right vehicles to suit all your needs.

This family business began over 70 years ago with just one second hand truck and has steadily expanded since then. We have now been partners with Volvo for over 30 years and we offer our customers a full range of services, from supplying genuine Volvo parts to customised finance plans.

All of our services are carried out with Volvo’s core values of safety, great quality, and thought for the environment in mind – so much so that in 2018 we were thrilled to be crowned Volvo Trucks Dealer of the Year.

We care deeply about customer satisfaction, so delivering excellent quality and well trusted services throughout the West Country is highly important to us.

We’re proud to cover the whole of the South West Peninsula, having started out in Exeter but now running additional depots in Plymouth and Roche. Always looking to grow the business, our newest addition in Roche replaces our previous Redruth depot with a larger and better equipped site.

Quite the Achievement!

Ian started his apprenticeship with the company back in 2013. Since then he has proven himself to be a strong part of the team and a fantastic asset to the business. Here at Stuarts, we really pride ourselves on the great team we’ve built. Our people are vital for our business and we want them to keep working on their own self-development and improvement, so we work hard to encourage this.

It’s always a real pleasure to see our younger colleagues learning, succeeding, and thriving with the company. Ian has worked really hard and been a great member of the team throughout his apprenticeship – this month he definitely has some good reasons to celebrate!