EMS promote Recycling and how we can impact on the environment at Farmwise in Devon

EMS promote Recycling and how we can impact on the environment at Farmwise in Devon

EMS at Farmwise

The 2019 Farmwise event was a fun, family-friendly event held in Devon. Its main aim was to educate children (and their parents!) a little more about where food comes from and also how key proper waste recycling is to protect the environment. It was also designed to help enthuse the next generation of farmers coming into the sector and help to emphasise the importance of farming to rural economies. EMS Waste Management was only too happy to attend after being invited down by the event organisers. It not only allowed us to share our expertise around waste management with others but also to help make the event more fun for all.

EMS at Farmwise Devon

On 15th October 2019, one of our experienced drivers headed down to the event in our state-of-the-art skip loader. The organisers had asked us to attend in order to give youngsters more insight into the waste society produces and how essential recycling is for the planet. Once there, our vehicle got lots of positive attention from the kids and also generated lots of questions. Amongst other things, we explained how waste is segregated on the EMS site, how certain materials are dealt with and where they go to be recycled. We also explained how waste can be turned into biomass fuel or other energy sources. Perhaps the biggest hit though was when the children were invited to sit in our truck! This was not only lots of fun but also helped them understand more about the work EMS does and how important it is for the environment.

Waste management services in Exeter and Devon

At EMS Waste Services, we provide reliable and effective waste management across the Devon region. Our professional and affordable service ensures that your waste is collected and dealt with properly.

Get in touch today for more details.

Skip Hire – News from the Plymouth Office

Skip Hire – News from the Plymouth Office

RORO at the West Cornwall Truck Show

Sometimes a day out is just what everyone needs, and this was true for us here at EMS Waste too!

It wasn’t the most beautiful day weather-wise back in the ‘summer’, but we put a good show on at the West Cornwall Truck Show, where one of our drivers, Darrell, took one of our ROROs (Roll On Roll Off, a type of skip container). The truck, and the skip on its back, both shone after some polishing and elbow grease, even despite the lack of sun, and gave the curious public a chance to have a good look at what we can do.

A RORO is a great skip for almost any occasion. It is mobile, quickly transported on the back of a truck, and sturdy. As such, it can be moved into position when you need it, but taken away as soon as you want it gone. There are skips available in every size, from the massive containers required at building sites, to smaller ones that can be parked in front of your home while you rip out your bathroom or kitchen over a weekend. A Roll On Roll Off skip can be your new best friend. And, you can rent it for however long you need it for, whether it is for just a weekend, or for longer-term rents where we will come by to change it once it is full.

Plus, we can make your life extra easy by dropping off a skip where you want it, picking it up again, and then taking it back to our waste transfer station to be processed. We are dedicated to helping the environment by making sure we recycle as much of what comes out of our skips as we can, so that’s another worry wiped away.

We’ve been on the move!

As you know Dusty Bin are now part of EMS Waste. This exciting partnership means that EMS Waste is now even bigger and able to provide waste management services to more people within the Devon and Plymouth areas.

Dusty Bin has now settled into their new site, but we thought we’d share a little bit about the exciting journey with you and what services they can offer.

Moving day

The moving day itself was a busy and eventful one. At least it was easy to find a skip! Moving into the new cabin on the EMS Waste site included a day of carrying out repairs in order to pimp up the office area. In fact, this process took several weeks, but on September 9th the office was finished and ready for business.

During the renovation process, the top of the cabin was removed to fix holes! In fact, it was touch and go at the time to see if they could be fixed, so quotes were also obtained. But, luckily, the cabin roof was easily fixed and made water tight. Walls were painted (narrowly missing a member of staff, who nearly got painted into a corner), the floor repaired and the CCTV disconnected, then reconnected. The entire cabin was also cleaned from top to bottom. Everything was done and ticked off the to-do list, apart from the hot tub request that was sadly declined! Needless to say, the Dusty Bin office staff are now settled in and are getting to know their yard colleagues.

Still the same great service

Dusty Bin is still offering the same great services it has always delivered to the residents and businesses of Plymouth and Devon. The only difference is that the team is now based in a new yard and are part of EMS Waste. We offer skip hire and waste management services which include recycling and waste collection. To learn more, simply get in touch with us today.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

One Year On: EMS Waste Transfer Site’s First Anniversary

Since the 1940s, the Stuart Group (EMS’s parent group), has delivered important services to domestic and commercial customers.

Last year, we opened a new waste transfer site in Exeter to service the local community and Devon. Twelve productive months have flown by and now our site is celebrating its first anniversary! We are proud to say that together we have achieved a great deal, making a strong, positive impact on the environment.

What we have achieved

Our waste transfer site has helped the community and the environment. Beyond increasing employment rates by taking on more staff in Exeter, our company is currently able to recycle 95% of waste recovered, domestic or industrial. This has an incredible impact on the environment, and we are proud to provide a big contribution to the rise of eco-friendly initiatives nationwide.

Fantastic as that figure may be, we at EMS are striving to increase our statistics to 100% recycled material. Installing a segregation line to separate materials such as plastic, glass, and metal helps us along the way, but there’s more work to be done.

Hiring skips from us results in more than an easy disposal system for your domestic or industrial waste. It ensures that your waste is handled properly and respectfully, which means it is recycled as far as possible to reduce landfill contents and harmful emissions from incorrectly disposing of waste (i.e. burning waste).

Our newest waste transfer site uses advanced procedures (including industrial magnets and size sorting schemes) and high-quality machinery to efficiently and effectively recycle materials given to us. This is topped off with feedback on our exceptional customer service from people in the community. After all, we believe that working together to improve our environment is the best way forward.

Moving forward

Here’s to many more years of servicing the community, properly disposing of waste, and working towards that 100% recycled goal. Thank you for your custom; without you, we could not strive to reach our goal and keep waste from heading to unnecessary landfills.

We look forward to working with you all, and many more customers, again.

Equal opportunities a priority at EMS Waste services

Equal opportunities a priority at EMS Waste services

EMS actively promoting women in the workplace

Gender equality is unfortunately still a working progress in most, if not all, countries in the world. Since time immemorial, women have fought to have similar opportunities as men, especially in the workplace. There is lots of progress as far as the matter is involved and that is why it is important to count all wins no matter how small.

Here at EMS we believe that any industry should be open to any gender and our waste management company has made a move in the right direction by actively promoting women in the company.

The waste and recycling industry is predominantly dominated by men. There can sometimes be a lot of heavy lifting involved in the job as well as regular contact with waste materials and this is probably why most companies have preferred to hire men. Women have, however, proved themselves worthy of similar positions, and we pride ourselves on providing them with equal opportunities. EMS have recently employed three female truck drivers and will be promoting other female employees. Gender really shouldn’t play a part in this day and age.

Services provided by EMS

Waste management

EMS provides waste management of green waste, scrap metal and commercial waste, waste recycling and asbestos collection.

Once the waste is collected, it is sorted, recycled and safely disposed of. Active waste is separated from the stones, metals, wood, soil, glass and plastic.


EMS recycles for both commercial and domestic customers. We use state of the art technology that ensures any useful waste material is recycled and recovered. Using high powered magnets to sort through the waste. Currently, we are able to recycle over 90% of all the domestic and commercial waste which is later converted to high-quality products.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is extremely hazardous and can cause cancer and breathing problems. Its fibres remain suspended in the air for a long time, and it is therefore important to get professionals, specially trained to handle and remove them.

EMS is doing a great job at being more inclusive and giving women in the industry opportunities to advance their careers. We hope that our company will be the first of many to absorb more women into the industry and change peoples mind set.

For more information about our services or work opportunities with EMS give us a call.

New Volvo EW 240E for EMS Waste Services

New Volvo EW 240E for EMS Waste Services

EMS Waste Services Ltd continues valuable machinery investment throughout 2019

At EMS Waste Services Ltd, we’re passionate about efficiency. As such, in order to make our service as efficient as possible for our clients, and to improve the speed with which we can recycle, we’re proud to report considerable investment in our fleet of vehicles and waste management machines throughout 2019.

Back in April we took delivery of a brand new Volvo ECR 145 for our bustling Plymouth depot, and we have just taken delivery of a new Volvo EW240E material handler.

A new addition for our expanding Exeter base

This brand new Volvo EW240E has been delivered to our Exeter depot to replace our slightly smaller 220 material handler. Though this will still be put to valuable use in our Bay Skips depot, helping to handle their ever-increasing workload.

The EW240E, however, is already being put to work – spending the majority of its day loading the pre-sorted recyclable waste, and helping to pre-sort oversized waste before it can be fed through our state of the art Exeter Picking Line.

Investing in our fleet to better serve our customers

EMS Waste Services are constantly investing in our fleet, to ensure we’re able to achieve our goal of being the leading waste management company in the South West. Though this is the second new Volvo machine we’ve received this year, it’s not going to be the last!

A new Volvo L70 loading shovel is due to arrive very soon, to further help us sort, load, and manage all manner of waste from our clients throughout the South West.

The investment in our infrastructure hasn’t stopped there however. This year will see five additional brand new Volvo HGVs added to the EMS Waste Services fleet. This will help us to transport both domestic and commercial waste more fuel-efficiently and reliably.

These investments in machinery are also a reward to our committed employees – allowing them a clean, modern, and as comfortable as possible space in which to work.

Part of the EMS promise

EMS Waste Services is consistently committed to excellence, throughout every corner of our service. At the core of what we offer our clients is the ability to responsibly and efficiently manage their waste. We recycle as much as possible, and believe strongly in investing in state of the art technology to achieve this.

At EMS Waste Services we place heavy emphasis on the quality of the service we offer our clients. Waste management can be a nightmare, whether you have domestic or commercial waste you need to get rid of. At EMS Waste Management you have a family run business you can always rely on to ethically and efficiently dispose of that waste.

At EMS Waste Services we continue to invest heavily in ourselves, in our service, and in our community.

Waste management services in Devon

Waste management services in Devon

Waste management and recycling

Everyone wants to do their bit to protect the planet, become more sustainable, and manage the waste they produce. That’s equally true for homeowners in the Exeter area and beyond, but also Devon businesses.

That’s where the team at EMS come in. Using our expertise, experience and technology, homeowners and organisations of all sizes can make sure that waste is dealt with wisely and well.

What do we mean by universal waste management in Devon?

It’s not possible or advisable to simply “dump” all waste materials together or treat all unwanted materials the same.

EMS can remove and dispose of a wide range of rubbish and redundant equipment for you. However, we do so in a measured and careful way.

For example, we can offer different sizes of skips, but also specialist waste containers for hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Though we are responsive and flexible on what materials we collect, EMS is also diligent and conscientious in tackling waste once it reaches our Exeter depot. There’s more on our recycling policies and skills later.

How can homeowners get rid of unwanted items and rubbish?

If you’re renovating your property, clearing your garden, sorting a garage or moving house, you can end up with a lot of rubbish. Council recycling facilities are sometimes difficult to access and restrictive on what you can dispose of.

If you rent a skip in Devon from EMS (whatever size fits your needs and budget) you have a quick, easy and stress-free solution!

You can order a skip online and use various secure payment methods to sort your waste collection quickly.

How can businesses better manage waste disposal?

Organisations in Devon could need anything from daily waste disposal services, to one-off help to tackle a consignment of unwanted materials and machinery.

EMS can handle contract work or occasional discrete waste disposal.

To be fully in control of waste management – and compliant with legislation – organisations need to be able to audit and evidence how they approached this topic.

EMS can not only provide reliable and affordable waste services for Devon businesses, we can also help with administration. This saves you time, and our attention to detail can save you from costly errors.

Our crew work cleanly, and our prices are pitched fairly.

Supporting the recycling agenda in Devon

Apart from safety, there is one vital theme that underpins all EMS’s waste services. Wherever possible, we extract materials and items that can be recycled and repurposed.

EMS doesn’t simply concentrate on green waste and scrap metal either. Such is our dedication to recycling – and our investment in screening and technology – EMS is able to recycle around 90% of all the domestic and commercial waste it handles.

This is no easy task, but something the EMS team is passionate about.

It means that Devon businesses and homeowners can be assured that their environmental impact is in safe hands, when it comes comprehensive and ever-expanding waste